Measuring Debug STL Container Perf Cost in MSVC

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Folks often will say STL containers are slow in debug, other folks say they aren’t.

Frankly, both are true. “Slow” as a negative statement depends both on what you are doing with them, as well as your need for debug performance.

In game development, you must absolutely be able to run a game in debug mode, and you are usually manipulating a lot of data. This is true both of games at runtime, as well as tool time operations.

This post looks at a pretty common tool time operation: making box filtered mip maps of a 512×512 RGBA F32 image.

This is in MSVC 2017, debug x64, using default project settings.

On my machine, it’s about 25 milliseconds to do this operation with a plain c style array. it’s about 240 milliseconds to do it with a std::array. It’s about 1900 milliseconds to do it with a std::vector.

This example is in line with my own experience that these basic STL containers are really slow in debug, and will bring a debug build to it’s knees. An unusable debug build is hell on a team and will significantly bring down productivity. It can be a project killer, especially as it makes it more difficult for folks to debug problems and validate that things are working correctly.

Maybe perf is better on other compilers though?

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