Quantum Computing References

I’m in the middle of some research to better understand quantum computing so that I can write a short series of blog posts entitled “Quantum Computing for Programmers”.

These posts will be light on – and possibly completely absent of – hardcore math and physics, and instead speak more to programmers. It will aim to show the rules of quantum computing, explain which operations are fast and which aren’t, show the basic building blocks of quantum logic, combine those simple gates into more complicated quantum circuits, and most importantly it will have simple sample C++ code which shows this stuff in action, so you can do your own (simulated) quantum computing experimentation and exploration on your own computer.

This page is a list of the references I’ve found so far, and I’ll keep updating it as I find new, useful references.

Gentle Introduction

Ars Technica – A tale of two qubits: how quantum computers work

Technical Details, Very Well Explained

Twisted Oak Studios – What Quantum Computers Do Faster, with Caveats

Twisted Oak Studios – Grover’s Quantum Search Algorithm

A Bit More Advanced, Still Very Readable

Scott Aaronson – Lecture 9: Quantum

Scott Aaronson – Lecture 10: Quantum Computing

Good Info, More Mathy

Math ∩ Programming – A Motivation for Quantum Computing

Math ∩ Programming – The Quantum Bit

Math ∩ Programming – Multiple Qubits and the Quantum Circuit

Useful Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia – Commonly Used Quantum Gates

Wikipedia – Quantum Circuit

Wikipedia – Deutsch–Jozsa algorithm

Quantum Algorithm Stuff

A Quantum Network Flow Puzzle

Building your own Quantum Fourier Transform

An interactive page that shows you how quantum pseudo telepathy is not communication

Twisted Oak Studios – Implementing Quantum Pseudo-Telepathy


An article on some people who are working on emulating (not simulating) quantum computers using sound waves

A Photonic C-NOT Gate Breakthrough for Quantum Computing

Wolfram Alpha Demonstrations: Generating Entangled Qubits

Wikipedia: Simon’s problem

Quantum Circuit Simulator in a Web Page